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Simplify your day with Kula Pay

Hassle- free, automated and transparent payments done instantly.

Imagine a world where your hard work as a contractor/teacher is paid off instantly. With Kula Pay, you get direct, real-time payments, cutting out intermediaries and ensuring complete transparency. Save time and money!

How Kula Pay Works for Studios

Meet Kula Pay's All-in-One Solution for Teacher Payments

Say goodbye to payment hassles. Kula Pay for studios offers instant, automated, and transparent payments to your instructors, ensuring they are compensated immediately after their classes. No delays, no manual work – just smooth, effortless transactions that keep your business running efficiently.

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Streamline Payments


Automate Processes

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Ensure Accuracy

Kula Pay provides a seamless platform to streamline payments, automate tedious processes, and ensure the accuracy of each transaction, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

We create win-wins

Made by Teachers & Studio Owners for Teachers & Studio Owners


Why Kula Pay

Put Kula Pay to work and dedicate your time where it's most needed


Easy Integration

Integrate Kula Pay effortlessly without any hassle or complex coding requirements. With a seamless API that connects to your existing booking system you can be up and running in no time.

Automated Invoicing 

With Kula Pay's automated system, eliminate the painful admin of managing teacher payments—from receiving invoices, verifying details, and processing payments through your bank—to a streamlined, automatic system

Yoga Class Participants
Pilates Friends

Real-time cashflow

No need to wait weeks of ineffective middlemen to send payments. Everyone gets paid faster with full transparency & minimal fees

Yoga Teachers

Why Yoga Teachers Choose Kula Pay

Increase cashflow & transparency

Get paid in real-time after a class instead of waiting weeks. Get real-time data on what you earned.

Automated payment processing

No more manual invoicing, hours spent reconciling & liasing with contractors

Studio Owners

Why Studio Owners Choose Kula Pay

Key Features

Explore Kula Pay's comprehensive features, from seamless API integrations to robust analytics capabilities

Kula Pay provides a wide range of features designed to streamline teacher payment processes and enhance efficiency.

Kula Pay perks

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Streamlined Payments

Our platform simplifies the payment process, ensuring yoga teachers receive their payments seamlessly.

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Automatic Verification

We verify & store all payment details, saving you time and effort.

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Timely Payments

Kula Pay ensures that payments are processed promptly, enabling teachers to rely on consistent income.

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Secure Transactions

Our system provides a secure environment for all financial transactions, giving peace of mind to both teachers and studio owners.

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Seamless API integrations

We integrate into the backend of the most common studio booking systems so all payments are automatic

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Boost Efficiency

By automating the payment process, Kula Pay allows yoga teachers & studio owners

to focus on their core activities.

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Join our waitlist & our movement to revolutionise with Kula Pay

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