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Simplify your day
with Kula Pay


Our Mission

We are on a mission to help teachers and studio owners thrive in this challenging era. We have created some simple tools to save time and create money for both the teacher and studio. By removing middlemen and giving power and autonomy back to teachers and students, Kula Pay fosters a win-win environment. Reconnect with what you value most—community, connection, and support—and see how Kula Pay can help you as a teacher or studio owner flourish.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is that everyone is paid as soon as the activity is completed, with no middlemen, delays, or excuses, just done there and then.

We believe if you have done the job, you should be paid there and then create a trust of payment that changes the risk profile for all.

This then releases money that is locked up in businesses as they now process payments in real-time, creating a win-win for all by allowing the movement of money faster and with less risk.

All Hands In

Why Choose Kula Pay

Kula Pay is dedicated to win - win for all by allowing the movement of money faster and with less risk, simplifying the complex task of managing teacher payments. We are committed to creating a hassle-free experience for small businesses, allowing them to streamline their payment processes and focus on their core mission, giving them the support they need to keep helping the world.

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